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Although this website, design, and hosting is held by a third party, the real person behind the Fund is Brian Hutton, the Minister of the Hillside Methodist Community Church. You will find their website here:

Hillside Methodist Community Church

Born in Scotland in a town called Hamilton, Brian Hutton first attended school in Scotland before coming to South Africa where he continued his schooling at Roodepoort Primary school , completing his Matric year at West Ridge High school.

Brian was firstly inspired to go to church because he thought the women there were pretty hot, but as time lapsed he started to get involved which resulted in him asking some questions that the leaders found difficult to answer.

After becoming more and more involved in the Church and Theology, Brian applied for Bible College thinking he would more than likely only make the grade, and it would be for a period of one year only. Having received a part bursary, Brian actually ended up finishing a diploma in Theology, specialising in Christian education and youth ministry after three years of study. Later Brian then went on to obtaining a degree in Theology and a post graduate degree (not yet completed ) in education (English and Life orientation). Brian first applied to St Winifred's Methodist Church in Warner Beach where he stayed for some 5 years. From there he decided to go overseas, but felt a call again to full time ministry which brought him back to South Africa where he worked at Trinity Methodist Church in Linden. It was here that Brian met and courted Lara, who he is very proud to now call his wife.

Brian and Lara moved from Linden to Edenvale Methodist Church where he was a very successful Youth Minister. Edenvale Methodist Church, which had already been extended to accommodate the ever growing congregation decided to take the plunge and invest in a Sister Church – and so Hillside Methodist Community Church was born.

Hillside was and still is a renovated house, and the congregation is growing at a rapid rate. Brian and Lara are the leaders, and have implemented a great many ways of creating a safe environment and place of worship to all.

Brian's mission is to serve God wherever he may be led, and to establish a place that genuinely serves the community and makes a real difference in people's lives. It is his intention to start writing books and further study to obtain his qualifications in Education and Theology. Brian's other mission is to be the best dad and husband possible and to ensure his family are not neglected or sidelined, but part of his ministry.

Children have always been (particularly since the conception of Hillside) central to Brian's ministry. There has always been a specific calling for Brian and the extended leaders at Hillside to minister to children, and he firmly believes that one day Hillside will make a substantially bigger contribution to children, education and ministry.

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward. - Psalm 127:3 New King James Version

Statistics show that every year, 15 million children die of hunger. One in twelve children worldwide are malnourished, including 160 million children under the age of 5.

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