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Do Unto Others - Gamblers who give!

For years now, the gamblers in the community have carried a stygma. Are these people crazy? Why hand your money over to the casino, the racetrack, or the bookmaker? Well, the truth is that there are problem gamblers BUT, there are an awful lot of gamblers who gamble for the love of it and, BECAUSE THEY CAN AFFORD IT!

No, we are not second rate, we simply love gambling and can afford to indulge in what we perceive is great entertainment. Yes, we can indeed afford it. This is OUR disposable income and it's our right to enjoy the fruit's of our labour as we see fit.

So, what is Do Unto Others all about? We are truly fortunate that we can indeed afford to gamble. We have some disposable income that is NOT required to keep our families and our lives afloat. Do Unto Others is simply a means for us to further share some of that disposable income with those less fortunate. We are not giving to those who have had an innings in life, we are giving to those who have not even had a chance to live life yet! The children is what this fund is all about. We will give the funds received to children who have nobody to hold, nobody to love, and get nothing from the world to brighten their lives.

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Statistics show that every year, 15 million children die of hunger. One in twelve children worldwide are malnourished, including 160 million children under the age of 5.

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